Cookie Dough Fudge Box 2KG


Introducing Cool Hog’s 2kg Box of Cookie Dough Fudge, a colossal confectionary delight that brings the beloved taste of cookie dough into the world of velvety fudge. Crafted with precision using the finest UK ingredients, each substantial piece of fudge is a decadent fusion of buttery cookie dough goodness, creating a symphony of flavours that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey. Whether you’re gifting this impressive box to a fellow dessert enthusiast or indulging in a sweet marathon yourself, Cool Hog’s Cookie Dough Fudge promises an irresistibly luscious experience that’s sure to elevate any moment. Order your 2kg box today and dive into a world of scrumptious sweetness, exclusively from Cool Hog!

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